Are We at the Bottom of the Malibu Real Estate Market?
18 August 2009 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

I going out on a limb here an claiming that the later half of 09 will be the “bottom of the market” for Malibu real estate.


  • Condos have been slashed. The unit for $499k on the third row of the Malibu Vilas is a significant chop and a great value.
  • I’ve seen a few Malibu beach houses sell at close to half of their original asking price.
  • There are real investors out there that know it’s the right time to buy and they are coming out of the woodworks with cash. Trust me on this, I get 3 calls a week from all cash buyers looking for “deals”
  • I’m getting word from agents in the valley that there are multiple offers hitting homes that are priced right and I think the C.A.R. numbers will be very positive.
  • One of our Santa Barbara agents reported a significant upswing in transactions on the lower end in SB ( $500k-$1m)
  • There’s an overall feel from buyers that we are coming out of the recession and that it’s time to look for a home.

With positive stock market news, talk of coming out of recession, buyers looking for deals, I’d say now is the time to seriously consider that purchase you’ve been putting off.

I would love to hear your comments about this.

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