“BIG BANG” Quiet Sale On Malibu Road
23 August 2013 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

Scott Gillen Does It Again With The Sale Of His Latest Malibu Road Project!

If you haven’t heard of Scott Gillen let me just give you a quick primer. Scott is a Malibu designer/builder that knows how to take a worn out beach home, transform it in to something very sexy, then light up a cigar to kick back and watch the buyers beg for a counter offer….often in multiples. The longer version can be found at Scott’s website http://www.scottgillen.com

The Malibu Real Estate Blog first reported about the house at 25160 Malibu Road last Feb. while it was still under construction and gave our readers a little bit of insight about exactly why we expected the “Unvarnished Beach House” to sell fast.

Upon completion, the home was on the market for less than two weeks before the offers started to pour in. Our intel leads us to believe that there were 3 to 4 offers presented and that the wining bid was likely very close to the asking price of $13m.

We recently got to catch up with Scott Gillen with an exclusive Malibu Real Estate Blog interview.

Q:What is your signature design element that we will likely see in the next Gillen project?

A: Each project is unique, but I’m drawn to beams and water, BIG water.

Q: What details in the homes you create generate the biggest emotional responses from men and from women?

A: Well, I think that as you enter, you instantly get the feeling of warmth, an overall great feeling of invite-meant. Also, you see open space, and that space is set in a way that creates a sense of intimacy, which is important, especially in the main living area, open space is hard, it requires just the right recipe.

Q: Tell us about how the sale went on Malibu Road. Rumor is that it had three strong offers.

A: I never kiss and tell, but it was definitely fast and furious. And yes, there were more than two.

Q: What futuristic technology elements designed for the home will be standard in five years?

A: I believe that ease of operation is key and tricks and gadgets are not welcomed in my homes, they break. You can get very cool things to use in your homes without going overboard. “the next big thing” I believe, ease of operation is key. Tricks and gadgets are never part of my home design. UNVARNISHED homes are raw at their core and simplistic as a whole, I feature the cutting-edge, proven technology that Malibu home buyers expect.

Q: What’s the first thing you drink in the morning and what is the first website you visit? A: Coffee and The Bank.

Q: What is your guilty food pleasure in Malibu?

A: NOBU…NOBU…NOBU…and of-course NOBU.

Q: What’s next?

A: A pair of 12,000 sq.ft. homes here in Malibu.

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