Botox and Thai Massage in Beverly Hills !
12 October 2011 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

I love to “think outside the box” when it comes to marketing so here’s the story!

There are usually more houses on caravan than an agent has time to see in 4 hours so to entice other agents to our listing we wanted to go all out with an event that every agent would want to be at. Great food has always been a key ingredient in getting agents to a listing but we wanted to go beyond that model. We look at ourselves not just as agents, but as promoters, and want agents from Malibu to Palos Verdes either attending this event or at least talking about it.
I attended a few gifting suites last year for the Emmys and Oscars and saw companies giving away great stuff to celebs. I started thinking about how I could pair businesses with agents and wanted my open house on caravan to be more like the those gifting suites. That’s how ideas like calling the Audi dealer started. We figured agents may want to come see some cool new cars and the Audi salesmen may want to meet agents that may want to buy their cars. Most successful agents seem to buy or lease a new car every few years and this seems like a great match.
Agents may come for the swag, but they’ll remember the house too, especially if they came to ours and missed a different one. Guys may want to see the cars and the ladies may want the foot massage and facials. They may not admit it, but both sexes will want to win that Botox! Truth be told…. It’s either update that old agent headshot or try to stay as young looking as the image that has been used for the last ten years.

I don’t care what they come for, as long as they see the house and give me a few minutes to tell them about the home why their clients should come buy it.

The website link is here….. Beverly HIlls Home For Sale

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If you want an agent who thinks the way I do or want to see this home call 310 699 8428

The open house is on the 18th of October and for agents and their guests only.
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