Encinal Bluffs

Encinal Bluffs Malibu Real Estate
Located at the northern end of Malibu, between Sea Level Beach and Nicholas Canyon Beach, is the area generally referred to as the Encinal Bluffs. Characterized by large parcels of land with spectacular homes, the Encinal Bluffs area is the place to be if you are seeking a high degree of seclusion yet wish for easy access to the more central part of Malibu. Here, residents enjoy a part of Malibu that has seen very little change in the last 50 years. Most parcels have stairs down to beaches that see limited public use and it would not be uncommon to only see a few people over the course of a long walk. Numerous pocket beaches dot the coast here with unusual rock formations and even caves can be found here.

The Encinal Bluffs has many notable properties including one that recently sold for over $75m. A famous John Lautner designed home can be seen near El Matador Beach and Harry Gesner, a beloved Malibu architect, chose this area to build his personal residence.

The Encinal Bluffs is the ideal location for those who want to live at the beach and don’t mind the feeling like there’s no one around…. it truly is for those who love solitude.

Prices can be high here because of the size of the parcels generally being a few acres or more. Occasionally, a home may come on the market at $3m, but for that price the lot may be quite small. A majority of homes on the Encinal Bluffs are true “estates” and prices here reflect that and rarely go below the $6m mark.

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