Escondido Beach

Escondido beach Malibu
Located directly below the bluff where the popular Geoffrey’s Malibu restaurant is, lies the dry and sandy Escondido Beach. Like the adjacent Malibu Cove Colony, Escondido Beach Road is private, but does not have gated and guarded access. Most of the beach homes on Escondido Beach are built directly on the sand and enjoy a much deeper beach than the homes at Cove Colony. The sand remains dry here most of the time regardless of the tide and it’s short distance to go up the beach to have a meal or drink at Paradise Cove.

Escondido beach homes here all have sweeping views of Point Dume and the bluffs of Little Dume. Many of the residents have stand-up paddle boards and paddle up the coast to enjoy the point break surf spots at Little Dume Beach. Kayaks, catamarans, and aluminum fishing boats can be seen in front of many of the Escondido Beach homes. This area is also sheltered from the predominant northwest winds which often appear late in the day on summer afternoons and residents can enjoy the warmth of the sun all day.

The homes on Escondido beach are set well below PCH and pick up little noise from traffic going by. The private road the serves the community is narrow and dead ends about 1/4 mile from where it starts. The only traffic on this little street is generally from residents and their guests.

Escondido Beach homes for sale start around the $4m price mark and quickly rise to $15m or more depending on lot size. These homes can easily be rented out for summer rentals with prices starting around $20k per month. There is a broad range of architectural styles on Escondido beach ranging from funky vintage beach shacks to amazing modern buildings of glass, concrete, and steel.

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