La Costa Beach

La Costa Beach Malibu Real EstateLa Costa beach lies just down the coast from Carbon Beach and was one of the first neighborhoods to be developed in Malibu. In 1926, La Costa beach was sold by May Rindge to Harold Ferguson for $6m. He immediately dedicated a large area of the beach to become a private club for the land-side owners in the area and named all the streets located on the hill behind PCH.

Today almost all the homes in the neighborhood have membership in the beach club on La Costa beach. This section of beach has facilities for large parties, volley ball court, and vast areas of dry sand for sunbathing. The entire length of La Costa beach is less than a mile long, has no real public access and is the main reason why numerous celebrities have purchased homes here.

Homes here are considerably less expensive than those found at Carbon Beach even though the depth of the beach is almost the same. Several large homes can be seen here where 2 to 3 lots have been patched together giving the owners the ability to build homes well beyond 5000 sq.ft.

Prices on La Costa beach start at around $5m and can go over $15m.

Homes on the land-side are generally in the $3m range. Almost all homes on the land-side are on steep hills but offer incredible views of the Santa Monica bay. Home here are typically modern or spanish indesign and rarely have any yards. Most homes are 2 to 3 stories tall and are among the best homes for anyone seeking a “jet liner” type of view.

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