Malibu Colony

Malibu Colony Real EstateLocated just up the coast from the Malibu Pier lies the ultra-exclusive Malibu Colony, probably the most well-known of all the Malibu beach enclaves. This gated community has been a draw to Hollywood notables since its beginnings back in the late 1920’s when it was called the “Malibu Beach Motion Picture Colony.”

Malibu Colony is located just south of Malibu Road and is also a stone’s throw from Malibu’s largest shopping center. Within just a few minutes, residents of the Malibu Colony can walk to several restaurants, numerous clothing stores, or swing by Ralphs Market to grab something for an evening cook-out on the sand. The Colony’s ocean front homes enjoy spectacular coastline views stretching from Palos Verdes and Santa Monica to the south and to the bluffs of Point Dume to the north. At night, the “Queens Necklace” can be seen when the lights along the shoreline of Santa Monica twinkle like diamonds.

The origins of the Malibu Colony go back to 1892 when the Rindge family purchased the 13,330-acre Rancho Malibu. In 1929, when the widowed May Rindge needed to raise money to fight off the railroads, she offered a few leases to Hollywood’s wealthy celebrities. She allowed homes to be built on the leased land and thought it would be temporary, but in late 1930’s, Mrs, Rindge allowed the residents to buy the land.

Living in the Malibu Colony is one of the most secure of all areas to in Malibu. 24-hour guards control who can enter into the Colony and hourly patrols leave residents little to worry about when not using their beach home, many of which are unoccupied until summer.

Aside from Carbon Beach, the Malibu Colony remains the preferred residential area in Malibu for many leaders from the corporate world and A-listers from the entertainment industry. From its very beginning, the Colony has attracted some of the biggest names in show business who have sought a retreat here from the prying eyes of the public. Here, even the very famous are able to lay out on a beach deck or go for a walk with anonymity.

Homes for sale in the Malibu Colony can range from $10m and quickly go over $20m. There are a limited number of “landside” Colony homes that are not on the beach, usually don’t have ocean views, and may or may not have access through an interest in a beach side lot. These Malibu Colony homes can start at $5m.

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