Malibu Road

malibu-road-beach-homesMalibu Road is located just below Pepperdine University running from the Malibu Colony to Corral Beach. There are almost 250 homes along the stretch of deep sandy beach.

The average size lot for Malibu Road beach houses average about 50 feet in width with some being 100 feet or more. Here you will find an eclectic mix of vintage Malibu beach cottages, East Coast Cape Cods, and massive architectural beach homes. With its slow paced two lane road, and recently installed speed bumps, Malibu Road retains an “old Malibu” feel and is often used by runners, walkers, and bike riders who enjoy its quite streets. Shopping and fine dining are just a few minutes away by car, bike, or foot. Malibu Road was once a part of the original Pacific Coast Highway before it was relocated to the uppper bluffs in 1948.

 Malibu Road beach homes can be found on many different sizes of beach lots. The amount of dry sand each one has can dramatically affect the value of these beach homes. At the start  of the road near the Malibu Colony side, lies the deepest, sandiest section of Malibu Road. Here is where the beach is almost always dry no matter what the tide.  Locals refer to this area as “outside the Colony gates” and beach homes here can fetch more than $20m. In the middle section of Malibu Road is an area with a very unique rock outcropping know as the “Flat Rock.” This rock creates a huge deposit of sand in front of the homes here. The rock has a small colony of seals and sea lions that can be seen sunbathing almost daily.
The least expensive, but still a great section of Malibu Road is on the Northern end where the city zoning has allowed for multifamily dwellings to be built. There are several single family Malibu beach houses here in between the multifamily ones that are good values.
A large portion of Malibu Road beach homes are rented out when not in use. This is a great way to help pay for maintenance and taxes. If you plan on owing one as a second home, you could likely rent it out anytime that it’s not in use by the week or month. Malibu Road beach homes can easily fetch  $40k to $60k in the summer months and the best Malibu road beach homes can reach $150k per month. Long term rates are usually half the summer  rates.
Malibu Road beach homes go from $5.5m to $25m depending on the location, width of the lot, and depth of sand as mentioned above. Malibu road beach homes for sale come up just before summer and we usually see anywhere from 6-10 beach homes get sold each year. Homes on Malibu Road have been been a great investment over time with many doubling in as little as 7 years.

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