Hampty Hamps Home For Sale On Broad Beach at $36,000,000
16 July 2008 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

“I know you’re sitting pretty in the Hampty Hamps, Posing like you’re rolling with that camp.”-Beastie Boys song Shazam.

If you too would like to sit pretty on the West Coast then stop posing and come have a look at this home on Broad Beach. Forget the real estate in the Hamptons where snow, not sand, is what you’ll see in the all winter. Move to Malibu, where sunny winters days can reach 80 degrees.

The authentic east coast style home was built in 1946 making it one of the first homes on Broad Beach. I must say that this home had some of the nicest construction details I had ever seen for a home of the this age. The home has numerous details that give it a feel of being on an enormous luxury yacht. There are large, round, wood-framed window that look like port holes. Some of these windows are even located on walls between two rooms. The main living room has large ceiling beams that are curved and give you the feeling of being inside an ark. In this room you will find a large fire place constructed out of hand gathered stones off the beach.

The actual price of the home is $22,000,000 and the basket ball court next door will run you the extra $14,000,000. You actually get more than a basket ball court, you get an additional APN so you’ll have one less neighbor, an investment property, or a place to build a spare beach house.
Qualified buyers can request a showing by calling the number below.

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