Malibu Bank Owned Homes
1 June 2011 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

What you need to know about Malibu bank owned homes for sale.

There are bank owned homes and short sales. They can also be called REO’s and foreclosures. One is a pain and one can be really easy and you have a good chance of closing the deal if you have cash. Bank owned homes and condos can close in a week or less. The bank is ready to get it of it’s books. With the last several deals I’ve wrote on bank owned homes, the bank told the listing agent to only send the highest cash deal. One condo last month had 5 offers 4 of which were cash. If the deal appears to be good to you, there are 10 others that think the same way.

Short sales are a different animal. The banks may not get back to you for months and you are stuck in limbo watching other deals go by. If you have nerves of steel and patience like the Dali Lama, then go for that short sale. If you want answers and have cash, go for the bank owned deal.

One last point! You need to work with an agent that makes sure you get the info fast. I just wrote an offer on a bank owned condo and it was my client who got the first offer in. We got there first because I relentlessly called the agent every day for a week and it was on my radar well before everyone else. Also, you need to be set up on an auto notify system that gives you morning emails about market activity. You can also check out or tab up top for foreclosures.

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