Malibu Real Estate Agent On Being too “Wu-Wu”
20 April 2012 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

Being a Malibu real estate agent is never boring. You meet a wide variety of interesting folks. I’ve seen a lot but this was a first for me today while showing a Malibu home for sale…..

“I mean,…..I’m not totally wu-wu if that’s what you are thinking” my clients states as she pulls out a pair of divining rods made out of copper wire and crystals. They start spinning like crazy (note…it was a very windy) and she tells me the energy of the place is really good…almost as good as Sedona, AZ. “I’ve never seen this before….mind if I make a quick video?” I ask…because you know what? This is the kind of stuff that blogs were made for.
If you need a Malibu real estate agent who can tell you more about a property than divining rods, give me a call at 310 699 8428


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