Malibu Real Estate Agent-Why It’s Important To Go On The Malibu Caravan
8 March 2013 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

The Caravan for Malibu real estate agents is every Thursday. One week it’s on the west end of town, then the next on the east end with Latigo Road acting as our Mason-Dixon Line.  It’s a time to see the new Malibu real estate inventory and occasionally grab a great bite to eat when agents entice other agents with attention grabbing headlines on the caravan sheet. I’ll admit that it works rather well, as I’ve been known to grab a yellow highlighter and mark the properties that have the words “catered,” “buffet,” “brunch,” or ” Monus’s Bonus’s cookies” in the descriptions. I’ll make a point to see those properties first. The ones that say “M and M’s (really),” “snacks,” and “lotto tickets” usually end up at the end of my list.

Check out the new video post today where I discuss why it’s important for realtors to get out on caravan!

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