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2 August 2013 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

A new Doug Burdge Project Hits The Malibu Real Estate Market. Wow…


I’ll tell you something, in all the years I’ve been selling houses only one Malibu architect has been able to consistently create homes that are so desirable that the day they are finished there are at least 5 buyers for it and 5 more wanting to hire him to build their next project. If Pinterest ever put together the ultimate home based on user’s boards, chances are it would look like a Doug Burdge house. 
At last count, I think Doug Burdge had about 30 active projects in the city. He’s a really busy guy, but will always meet with my personal clients on building sites for a complimentary consultation about the best use of any parcel. It’s a service Im grateful for and so are my buyers! 
Just last night a new listing hit the Malibu real estate market and is located in the Malibu Colony. The project, should you successfully make the purchase, is for a brand new 4000 sq.ft. Cape Cod home with permits already in place to start building. The existing beach house is not quite a tear down, but with permits in hand there’s a high chance a wrecking crew will be on site soon. The existing Malibu Colony beach cottage can still be used until that time. The building permits in hand are for a new 4,000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, Cape Cod-style beach home. The finished design and construction blueprints, along with the Coastal Development Permit, potentially will be saving the buyer 3 years of time pursuing entitlements. Qualified buyers are welcome to tour the property where color renderings and the fully approved plans and renderings can be viewed.
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