Malibu Summer Real Estate Lease Season Is Here!
1 March 2009 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

March is the month when summer  beach rentals and leases come on the Malibu Real Estate market. If you haven’t secured your beach rental by the middle of May you are likely to find yourself building sand castles in Mojave. I predict this year lease prices will be slightly lower than last years but the premium beaches like Broad Beach, The Colony, Carbon Beach, and Malibu Road, will still command high prices. Summer Rental prices on the low end will be around $10,000 and top at at $100,000 or more for the best beach houses. E-mail Me if you’d like a list of available rentals sent to you. You can also click below for more malibu beach rental information.

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