My Caravan Food Article In The Los Angeles Times!
8 September 2008 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

I can’t take credit for writing the article but I did come up with the story and pitched it to Ann Brenoff who did a great job describing the caravan food scene around Los Angeles. I originally had the idea to rate caravan food and have it as a regular blog article. If an agent consistently served great food at the caravans then I wanted to make sure the blogosphere knew about it. If they only served M and M’s than maybe the public shame would encourage them to up the ante to something better and more expensive, like, Nilla Waffers, or even a few glazed donuts! Still a far cry from the agents who put out La Salsa buffets or  build your own omelet bars with a personal chef.

I held off on writing the article and let Ann know about the idea. She loved it and I talked my way in to being the photographer for the article and even got a photo credit in the L.A. Times. The article made it in to several other papers including the Mercury News,  and The Examiner.

Peter Villes blog at the Times also ran the article and can be seen here.,0,981999.story


Hungry agents pilaging the buffet set out by Alan and tony Mark at their Broad Beach listing
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