Number 4 on Google! The Malibu Real Estate Blog Moves Up!
28 May 2008 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

I’ve only been at this “blogging” thing for a few months but I finally can say I feel like I’m making some progress. I’m just about to hit 15,000 page views with my best day being 548 views. For weeks I was landing on the second page on Google when you typed in the words “Malibu Real Estate”. These are coveted words with many agents paying thousands each month to get hits when searches are run with those exact words. Today I was surprised to see my blog coming up in the number 4 spot in the unpaid search results. It seems to change daily as a few days ago I was at 6 and then this morning back on the second page. I’m still learning about what Google likes but know that content is important. Watch out number one!


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