Point Dume Malibu Real Estate Steal
5 January 2012 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

Malibu real estate alert! This just happened last night and I want you all to go figure out where you can come up with the funds to buy this house or tell a friend about it. This listing hit the Malibu real estate market a few moths back at a price that just wasn’t working…. $2,9995,000 was way to high! Now the Point Dume home has had a $1m price chop to a real sellable number at $1,995,000. It’s rare to get anything on Point Dume under $2m with this size lot.

Here’s the deal. It’s a great Malibu property with a ton of usable land. There will be good views if you can get a second story built and it has a Point Dume beach key. The problem is the house is  dated and has a weird tug boat appendage growing out of the right side. It’s actually three story guest house with the top floor having the best views of the Malibu coastline. The tug bat part is just a facade that can be ripped down. The main house is kind of a cool post and beam that can be lived in for a while until you remodel and it’s almost 4000 sq ft.!

If you’ve been priced out of the Malibu real estate market, specifically Point Dume, here’s your chance. Just bring your captains hat or Captain Merrill Stubing… He’d feel right at home here.

For showings call 310 699 8428.


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7 Responses to “ Point Dume Malibu Real Estate Steal ”

  1. Doug says:

    Excuse me but shouldn’t the listing agents name be used on all ads? Hmmmm

    Thanks for the plug!!

  2. myperdidokey says:

    Thanks for sharing the updates related to real estate market.
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  3. Jim Crawford says:

    What a neat looking and very unique property! I loved the video! Best wishes for a quick sale!

  4. lyn mcclintock says:

    Great Blog. You mentioned having a list of Malibu homes for sale where the owners will carry back paper. Do you have a current list?


  5. Tomas Edn says:

    Adding to the style of this headboard are the 3 openings in the front that are set off by one open side, giving this bookcase from south shore furniture headboard a unique look and feel.

  6. Cascanova says:

    William Black (RTC czar dinrug the early ’90s bust) estimates that the current collapse is 10x larger than RTC.

  7. Robert Jones says:

    It is a pretty good deal for this house in this market. Do you have more pictures though? Or should I just call?

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