Quick Update on Deals in Malibu
11 August 2009 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

Condos have come down in price and there are so many units on the market that your bound to find a seller who will let one go at a great price. If you are a Pepperdine Parent and have a student heading to school for four years, now would be a good time to consider picking up a unit.

There are few great deals out there on beach houses that have been on the market to long and can be purchased at 30 to 50% off the original asking price. Long term, there are few real estate investments as good as a Malibu beach house, especially if you plan on renting out when you aren’t using it.

There are multiple large estates that were in the $5-$6m range that are now selling in the high $3m to low $4m range.
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