Swine Flu (H1N1) Shots Now Available in Malibu
19 December 2009 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

Just got my both my regular flu shot and the H1N1 Swine flu shot from Dr. Drew in Malibu. Didn’t feel a thing! The new needles are so small I was still waiting for the shot when he said “Your Done!” I can also report that there was no side affects and after the shot I just went on about my daily business.
Dr. Drew is our family doctor located on Point Dume in the offices located on the corner of PCH and Portshead. If you’d like a doctor who is easily accessible, is a local community member, and often can get you in his office faster than it would take to drive in to town, then give him a call. His office number is 310 457 3777 .Call sooner than later, he only has a certain amount of vaccines alloted to him.


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