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Private Buyer $10.5m Point Dume Bluff

Recently, I closed an $10MM+ transaction in Malibu with Mike. I initially found Mike online through his real estate blog and he seemed to have the inside scoop in Malibu. It was refreshing to read content written first-hand by an agent who knew just about all there was to know about what was going on in his town.

He worked with me for over a year before I finally found a property that I wanted to buy. During that time, he kept me up to date on new listings (and — more importantly — pocket listings/rumored listings/etc). I felt informed about the market when I was ready to write an offer.

One of the best things about Mike is that he is not “stuck in the 1980s” like many agents. Most of our communication was email, text messages, Excel spreadsheet analysis, etc — languages I prefer to speak. I closed the deal from my laptop on the beach (literally) using electronic signatures on all the forms, which Mike set up.