The Malibu Lightning Storm of the Century
17 August 2008 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

Early in the week you could tell something different was in the air. It was hot and humid, and the cool northwesterlies were absent from the shores of Zuma. By Wednesday there were rumors of rain but the skies above Malibu were free from the tell tale cumulus nimbus clouds. Late Wednesday some unusual clouds started coming up from the south. I ran down to the beach and shot a few sunset pics. Still no rain. Around 11 pm I started to hear some thunder and a few minutes later saw some faint blasts of lightning. Over the next few hours the storm built in strength and was right on top of Malibu by 1 am. I was already in bed but the dog was acting up and I soon realized I would not be sleeping until the storm passed. I went online to and looked at the storm track function and could see that the system was going to move right over Point Dume and up the shore along Zuma beach. I grabbed the camera and headed up to Encinal above El Pescador beach and here are the results. These images were shot around 2am. Exposures were between 2-3 minutes long. Limited edition Prints will be available. Please email me at


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