Two Malibu “Super Homes” For Sale Compete For Same Buyers
30 March 2011 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

I see this all the time….A major Malibu estate goes on the market at a high price and the neighbor a few doors down says “Hey! If he can get that, I should get this!” and will list their home for sale. It’s not a bad idea either if one house looks like a great deal and the other is priced a lot higher.

That’s my guess with what happened with the two major bluff estates above Paradise Cove competing for buyers right now. The first property at 28060 PCH came on the Malibu real estate market a few month ago at $55m then took a $10m price chop (just imagine that conversation between the listing agent and owner). Just a few days ago the property at 27740 PCH, just a few lots down, came on the market at $42.5m. Both are on similar lots and have homes between 11,000 and 12,000 sq.ft. They are both trophy properties by Malibu standards and sit on some of the most expensive real estate on the planet.

You can bet buyers in that price range are going to be looking at both properties for sale. Both homes are distinctively different in styles so it will be interesting to see which one sells first. Which one do you think will sell faster, the Spanish estate at 28060 or the traditional home at 27740? Check out the photo tours and decide! Comments about the price?

Like to see either home for sale? Call 310 699 8428 for a showing but be prepared to prove you can actually afford the properties! Unless you are crazy famous, it’s going to take more than “Just Google me” to get in!

Click here for photo tour at 27740 PCH


Click here for photo tour of  28060 PCH

Both places listed with Chris Cortazzo


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