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1 June 2013 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428

The farming community is alive and well in Malibu and Helen Henderson’s Malibu Farm Dinner is the perfect way to enjoy the local harvest.


Several times each summer, the Malibu Farm hosts a farm-to-table dinner at one of several ranches or farms in the area. Now, a lot of restaurants are claiming “farm-to-table,” but in reality, it’s farm-to-truck-to-distributor-to-another-truck-and then to the table. The Malibu Farm dinners are the real deal where what’s on your plate was likely picked a mere 20 feet away from the table and two hours prior to being served.

The dinners are served outside on one long communal table with approx. 100 guests eating food directly from the garden where they are dining. Prior to the main meal, guests can walk around the farm stopping to enjoy drinks and appetizers at stations set up to showcase locally produced goods. A bee keeper pours jars of locally made honey on spreads of pungent cheeses, a Malibu winemaker sets up a mini tasting room, and wood fired loaves of bread are sliced next to freshly made butter, hummus, and tapenades….all this while servers circulate with large platters of prosciutto wrapped shrimp, miniature lamb burgers, and shots of creamy vegan squash soup with drops of truffle oil.

The Malibu Farm is the creation of Helen Henderson who cooks professionally, teaches cooking classes from home, and has a highly acclaimed Swedish cookbook under her belt. From her cookbook… “Although I never physically fit in . . . being the sole tall, awkward African American among a sea of beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Swedes, it was my home. When I tasted the first potato of the summer, just dug out of the ground, or when I picked the first ripe cloudberry and popped it in my mouth, or when I took in the scent of seawater and we grilled salmon just off the boat, it didn’t matter what I looked like – I was Swedish. I was home, and I did belong.”

The next Malibu Farm events are coming up on July 13 at One Gun Ranch and on August 3rd at a secret beach location. Tickets sell out fast, so it’s best to be on the mailing list and grab tickets within the first few hours after they are announced.

Check out my photos from the last dinner at Larry Thorne’s berry farm.

Here is a Malibu Farm article I shot for C Magazine

malibu farm dinner


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