What $100,000 buys in Malibu.
22 February 2008 · by Mike Gardner Malibu Real Estate Agent 310-699-8428


No, you can’t buy a home, condo, or trailer but you will get a one-month lease on a prestigious beach with neighbors who are on the paparazzi hit list. Yes, spring in near and Malibu Mega Beach House leases are just about to go up on the auction block for the who’s who to fight over.March Madness in Malibu has nothing to do with sports and more to do with people scrambling to secure the best beach leases.

“Players,” not on the ball, who don’t secure a lease early may be forced to “slum it” on lesser “$50k per month” beaches where your neighbor’s private 4th of July firework show may only last a paltry 30 minutes instead of an hour and the caviar might be California paddlefish not Russian Sevruga. Life’s tough ain’t it?

I predict that this year will have more demand than any previous year and we’ll see numerous listings above $100k per month. There currently 5 listings between $80k and $90k per month located in the Malibu Colony and on Malibu Road and most will require a three-month minimum and a hefty deposit. Previous  years saw 4 homes break the $100k per month mark with one topping out at $120k on Broad Beach.

Even celebrities are cashing in on the rental action. There are reports that  Cindy Crawford   and Rande Gerber recently put their own house up for lease at $35k per month. The property is fairly priced considering that just a few miles to the south is Broad Beach where rents run $50-$120k per month.

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